A New Look for Our 25th Year!

Welcome to the Northeast Clown Institute and our new website for 2014. Here as always you will find information on NCI, Clown College, great resources, and lots of photos. Celebrating our 25th year, we've given the site a fresh new look while keeping the best of the past ... including Salty's awesome clown art.

On behalf of the Board and myself, I want to thank our "Webmaster Emeritus", Mal Lemeshow, for his great contribution to the Northeast Clown Institute and for his continuing support to me as we transition to the new site. We invite you to take a few minutes and explore the new site and we welcome your feedback and suggestions! Use the "Contact" form on the main menu or email northeastclowninstitute@gmail.com

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- Roscoe t. Clown, Webmaster

What's New for 2014?

Hello and welcome to the Northeast Clown Institute for 2014!

It's our 25th year and we are working hard to make it extra special for you. This year we are offering a full clown-a-rama with competitions in: all make up styles, single & multiple balloon creations and skits. We are changing our competition rules for this year:

Make up competition is open to 1st year thru 5th year students. 1st year first time competitors will have their own category

Balloon completion will be offered in single and multiple balloons and is open to all attendees. 1st year first time competitors will have their own category.

Skit competition is open to all ... click here to get all the details!

Bump a Nose,


Andrew E. Matlins

Dean, Northeast Clown Institute

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